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Lea Salonga: Heaven Tonight (by Jeff Chew)

A very nifty page! Jam-packed with Lea info. and a kick-butt chat!

Lea Salonga Web site
The Official Page! (which took an obnoxiously long time to load!)

Lea Salonga Tribute
For some reason I can't see tripod sites...anyone wanna send a description on it to me??

Ruthie's Lea Salonga Page
A cool page with little Eponineified Cosettes! too fun! It's run by club member R3tupaz

Lea's Discography
Just what it says.

The Lea Salonga Newsletter Homepage!

Maria Lea Salonga
WOH! wonderful page! all the info. you'll EVER NEED TO KNOW! It takes a bit of time to load, but IT'S WORTH IT!

The Ms. Lea Salonga Website
"It is an unofficial yet defintive web site which chronicles the extensive career of Ms. Lea Salonga.This web site is a tribute by a fellow Filipino to the Filipina artist."
Mollie's Thoughts, "OH MY GOODNESS! Info. overload! it doesn't take long to load and it is HUGE OH MY GOLLY! go here!  It even has info. on the concerts she did w/ Menudo!!! Wow!"



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